About us

UniTranslate is a Swiss translation agency based in Zurich. UniTranslate offers professional translation, proofreading and editing services in more than 30 languages.


UniTranslate’s multidisciplinary team of translators consists of professional translators and Ph.D. Students-- from ETH/Uni Zurich. Texts are assigned to team members in their area of expertise, such as law, engineering, computer science, finance, medicine or biology. All team members translate in their area of the profession into their mother tongue. Thanks to our business model, we provide you prices that are well below the industry average while achieving high quality using modern Language Processing Techniques. 

The managing director of UniTranslate is M.Sc. ETH Berhan Polat. Mr. Polat has extensive knowledge in project management, languages, natural language processing, and deep learning. UniTranslate is a future-oriented and sustainable company. We envision and work for a world to realize our vision. Freedom of communication is our priority and should not be limited by ethnic origin. That's why we at UniTranslate are working to develop tools to break down this barrier regardless of time and space.